Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Welcome back to the blog lovelies. I just had to get this sparkly sequin pants when i saw it on Rosegal  . Ain't it pretty ? Perfect for the club .
This kind of clothing don't require much styling since they are already shiny . I kept the remaining piece in this look basic so the pants won't lose it's sparkle . 
The sequins pants is a statement piece and attention seeker . LOL . If you are not confident about your lower body , then this is not for you , because peoples eyes will be fixed on that particular part of your body .
The only problem with this is the sequins is all over the pants including in between the thigh and this is a big issue for someone like me who doesn't have thigh gap , since the sequins keep rubbing on both sides of the thigh as i walk and thereby destroying the inner thigh part . If you have a good solution to this problem , abeg let me know in the comment box .
The sandals is from Zaful , and you can get a similar black turtle neck here .
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Have a nice day .

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