Thursday, 20 April 2017


This black mule / slippers is so beautiful guys . It is perfect for any owanbe / party . I would definitely put it to good use when i get back to Nigeria and i have so many natives to rock to parties . It is from Rosegal  . The one i wore here on the blog is made of suede and it is currently sold out , but the exact same mule is available in leather which i prefer . So do check the store to buy yours

So this black dress which is meant to be an evening dress looks good in these pictures but the quality is bad . The material looks and feels cheap . This is the first time i will be complaining about a dress from one of my favorite online stores . The dress swept dirt from the floor and became dirty within a few seconds of wearing it . All the particles in the air kept sticking to it . The dress is just terrible and it cost $20 . That's the most annoying part . I had high expectations for it because of the price . 
Let me know if you've had this kind of experience before in the comment section .
Because it is sleeveless and backless , i wore my black mesh top with it .
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