Sunday, 2 April 2017


Hello lovelies . I've got a little too many pictures for you today ;cos it's my birthday !!! I'm that girl that always look forward to her next birthday before celebrating the upcoming one . LOL...
I've always celebrated my birthday since i was 1 year old , this makes me look forward to my birthday every year . It gets me so excited . Oh yeah ! the gifts will soon start flowing in ; and that's the second reason i'm always hyper at this time .
I thank God for making me witness today in good health . I'm just so happy today guys . You have to download 1 or 2 pictures and give me a shoutout on instagram and or facebook today . Make sure you tag me though . LOL...
After much thought , hours and money spent at the textile store , I got this fushia / pink material / fabric and my roommate made this lovely dress for me . Don't i just look like a Princess ; oops i meant a Queen . SMILES...
So because i'm always so extra , i had 2 photoshoot for my birthday ; actually wanted to do 3 but ended up scrapping 1 . Anyways , the 2nd shoot will be on the blog tomoorow ,'cos the celebration continues .... You should check back tomorrow for that post .
I hope you guys like this look . Looking forward to reading your comments and seeing your tags everywhere .

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