Monday, 30 November 2015


Hello lovely readers.  Happy new week to you all. I'm going to tell you about a trusted online store that deals in wedding dresses and accessories , bridesmaid dresses,  I mean everything that makes a wedding a memorable one . That store is Landybridal.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Hello dear readers. It's been raining everyday for the past week now, the weather is so bad , very cloudy and wet. Had to take these pictures indoor (in the uni) after class.
I got this awesome collar fur jacket from dresslink. It feels so warm and soft. I love the fur texture that is added to it. The fur is so soft and kept my neck really warm . This jacket is really affordable and what we actually need for this season . Don't worry 'cos it's not sold out yet, LOL . This and many others are available in the store. Click on the link below and grab yours. 
                             OUTFIT DETAILS
1. Jacket - dresslink , get HERE
2. Black pants - Cropp town
3. Sweater - House
4. Boot -
5. Wristwatch - movado

Sunday, 22 November 2015


Hello dearies. Hope you are having a nice weekend.. Today's theme is wedding . Have you ever wondered how your wedding is going to be ; the kind of unique dress you would love to wear on that memorable day? Well , the solution is here , Cocomelody  is the answer. You can get your dream wedding dress of any color, length, design from cocomelody .
Cocomelody is a trusted online store that delivers perfect-fit quality wedding dresses to their customers with free and fast shipping. You don't have to be scared, 'cos whatever you see on the site is what will be sent to you and not a replica.

There is an on going sales on the site as said in the above picture. You stand a chance of getting additional discounts on your purchase. That's cool. 
So what are you waiting for ladies, go have a dream wedding with cocomelody.

I would love to appreciate those that participated in the giveaway. The first person to participate won automatically. For the others , I had their names written on a paper , faced down  and my roommate picked 4 papers at random .
     The winners of the giveaway are
1. Maryam Opeyemi
2. Uduak Etim
3. Halimah Mustapha
4. Yet Taiwo
5. Omotayo Yetunde
  Congratulations , your necklace will be sent to you soon. Do leave a comment here on the blog when you receive it .
Have a nice day people. Do leave your comments below..

Saturday, 21 November 2015


Hello dear readers . How are you all doing? Today i will be telling you about Oasap. It is an online store that provides female clothings and accessories at affordable prices with free and worldwide shipping .
Here is a lookbook i created from the items available in the store. If the slit infront of my dress is that much, i always seal it to the knee like i did in this post Here . I added the cardigan to it , so as to keep warm on a cold autumn evening.
To get this items, Click on the links below. Have a nice day...
1. Dress  
2. Cardigan
3. Shoes 
4. Necklace 
5. Bag 

Sunday, 15 November 2015


I want to use this medium to appreciate my followers and fans for their love and support. I'm hosting a giveaway on the blog today in collaboration with dresslink ; a clothing and jewelry store. 5 beautiful people stand a chance to win 3 necklace each. These necklace will get shipped to you for free irrespective of where you are. It's simple. Listed below is all you have to do: 
1. Register on
2. Follow my blog via Email ( On the right side of the blog, at the place where follow by email is written, type your email , then click submit) , instagram, twitterFacebook .
3. Share the link to this post on any social media (Instagram , facebook, twitter etc).
4. Put / Add the link of your own post  in the comment box here on my blog. 
5. Also , Write the Email, which you used to open your dresslink account in the comment box .

Can you see, it's very simple. This will be valid for just 1 week and the 5 lucky winners will be announced here on the blog. And don't forget, the 5 winners stand a chance of winning 3 necklace each!! Isn't that so cool...
I hope you all participate in this giveaway...

Saturday, 14 November 2015


Hello dear readers. How have you been? Every picture has a story behind it. For this shoot, i forgot to charge my camera, and the weather was not the best either. The camera went off during the shoot and i didn't have a choice than to make do with the pictures that has been taken. I was wearing a skirt and sweater from sheinside. Got the boot and fur in a local Ukrainian store. Looking forward to reading your comments.
Have a nice day...

Saturday, 7 November 2015


Hello lovelies. Today's post is on how you can easily transform your outfit from a day-time to a night out look. It's simple. All you need is a pair of shoes and a nice purse.
           OUTFIT DETAILS 
1. Coat - Random store (cheap monday)
2. Nude heels  - top shoes
3. Belt - sheinside 
I hope you like this outfit. Looking forward to reading your comments.
Have a nice day everyone..

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Hello beautiful readers. How are you all doing? Autumn in Ukraine is colder than winter in other places. We have negative temperatures most days. Fur has been trending for a while now, came across this fur in a store in Ukraine and thought about styling it with the jacket which i got from the same store. 
I hope you like how i styled it. Looking forward to reading you comments.
Have a nice day.....