Saturday, 7 January 2017


 Welcome back to my blog beautiful people . Thanks for the love you showed in my last post. Yeah , i slay in everything i wear . That is self confidence which everyone need to have ; especially ladies . You can slay in all sort of clothes you wear even if it is the cheapest with confidence . 
Self confidence also comes into play in relationships . If you believe in yourself , believe you are the best , then you won't allow any guy to treat you however he likes / force yourself on guy thinking you can't get yourself a better man .
Advice : Ladies, let's all work on our self confidence ,'cos with it we can reach greater heights
 Today is about hsquareofficial . I'm wearing their tee-shirt and the hat from the sued-dope collection they made in collaboration with house.of.craze .
. It comes in several colors . Available are half hats in many colors as well . To get your's , contact them on  instagram through the links provided.
I was wearing my current favorite shoes and it's from rosegal . Visit to get yours
The winner of the sequins bomber jacket is Nkemasom Abogun and will be contacted via email . 

The remaining people that participated in my blogiversary giveaway still stand a chance to win $50 gift card from Zaful . All you have to do is log on to Zaful , at the top right corner , You will see z-me , click on it and register , then comment your registration number or username/id here in the comment box + your email address . 

If you follow my blog , then you should know that amiclubwear is one of the best stores when it comes to shoes .  The winner of the giveaway gets a free pair of shoes from the store . Isn't that awesome!!

To participate : 1. follow @amiclubwear on instagram
2. Follow amiclubwear on snapchat 
3. Share this post on facebook 
4. Leave your email address in the comment box when you are done
The winner will be announced in a week .

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