Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Hello lovely readers . Welcome back to my blog . Promise you won't get overdosed on all the all denim look we sprung on you guys today . 
Don't you find it amazing when you go out of your comfort zone and still slay notwithstanding , that happened with this look . I collaborated with @ay0_deji on this . We had so many ideas in mind , but decided to go with the all denim look . Our photographer ; George made it all come through .
I got the skirt 2 months ago at the thrift store 'cos it was very cheap , but didn't know what to do with it 'cos i'm too comfortable in trousers . I don't regret wearing it 'cos it made this look stand out from the previous ones. 
Did you notice my hat , yeah i didn't tie my usual headwrap as well . I got the hat from the male section at Zara (zara man) . The denim shirt dress is from newchic , i've styled it countless times on the blog but wore it as a shirt in this look . The outer jacket with fur was also thrifted . Don't start getting tired of seeing those shoes on the blog ,'cos i've not even started yet . LOL
My glasses is from firmoo .

@ ay0_deji said: I know much about drugs , those for headache , fatigue and body pain . Can you call fashion a drug ?'' Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only 'cos fashion is in the air'' . It's the wind that blows in the new , latest fashion . You feel it coming , you smell it ...in the sky , on the street . 
Fashion has to do with ideas , the way we live and what is happening around us . Just take a pill and you would feel the magic .''that's what a denim dose can do to you '' .... written by @ay0_deji
Outfit details : shirt , jacket , boots - asos
                      : trouser - bershka

 Denim can be worn any and every season ,' in the hot tropics or cold Europe . So i figure it is an everyday essential which we all need to learn how to either dress up or down .

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