Friday, 27 May 2016


Hello dear readers.  Welcome back to my blog.  Bags are wardrobe essentials . A good bag can lift a simple outfit to the next level . I mean the attention doesn't have to be on the clothes all the time , accessories should shine and be the limelight too.
The pink bag above is from cndirect. It costs just $5 and it is available in other colors .  Because it is so colorful and portable,  it can be carried with different colors of outfit . It can be used as a regular  bag or as a clutch to events . CNDirect is an affordable store , so check them out by clicking on the link above .
The gold glitter bag is from Na-Ra Hayley.  It can compliment every and any outfit . So portable too and handy . Na-Ra Harley is an online store that sells only bag . They have trendy bags in different shapes and sizes  . So check out their store. 
Have a nice day everyone. 

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