Sunday, 29 November 2015


Hello dear readers.  I'm back again with another giveaway. This time , both male and female can participate . Those that participated in the first giveaway can still take part . Who knows , you might be the lucky winner this time . Let's celebrate this festive and holiday period in style . FIRMO is an online ; both prescribed and casual glasses store . They deal in quality eye wear . You get the chance to design your glasses however you like on their site , which will be shipped to you within a week.  
I had a post about them HERE , you can check it out . I gave the prescribed reading glasses to my mum as a gift , it is very durable and she is enjoying it up till now .
To participate in this giveaway,  all you have to do is so simple and will be listed below  : 
1. Visit FIRMO,  open an account. 
2. Click HERE , select , copy the link of the Eyewear you like from the listed glasses and paste the link in the comment box here on the blog
3. Save one of the pictures in this post and upload it on your instagram and facebook page , (give me a shoutout ) ask your followers to follow both my instagram page (dimplekhadi ) and my blog via email ( ),  and also for them to take part in d the giveaway 
4. Drop the link to your post here on the blog. 
5. That's all . Glasses, including frame, 1.50 index single vision lenses would be sent to you for free.  If you WIN and want a prescription lense , you only have to pay for the prescription and every other thing including shipping will be free. 

That's all you have to do to be a lucky winner of a brand new designer glasses .The giveaway ends in 1 week. There will be 1 lucky winner . The winner will be chosen from a tossed ballot .Tell your friends about it.  It might be you or him/her. 

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