Sunday, 15 November 2015


I want to use this medium to appreciate my followers and fans for their love and support. I'm hosting a giveaway on the blog today in collaboration with dresslink ; a clothing and jewelry store. 5 beautiful people stand a chance to win 3 necklace each. These necklace will get shipped to you for free irrespective of where you are. It's simple. Listed below is all you have to do: 
1. Register on
2. Follow my blog via Email ( On the right side of the blog, at the place where follow by email is written, type your email , then click submit) , instagram, twitterFacebook .
3. Share the link to this post on any social media (Instagram , facebook, twitter etc).
4. Put / Add the link of your own post  in the comment box here on my blog. 
5. Also , Write the Email, which you used to open your dresslink account in the comment box .

Can you see, it's very simple. This will be valid for just 1 week and the 5 lucky winners will be announced here on the blog. And don't forget, the 5 winners stand a chance of winning 3 necklace each!! Isn't that so cool...
I hope you all participate in this giveaway...

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