Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Hello lovelies, Have you ever heard about FIRMO? It is an online store that deals in male and female glasses; both fashion and recommended (prescribed) glasses.
I got this beautiful pair of reading glasses, which came with a nice case, spectacle pouch, cleaning cloth and tiny screwdriver from Firmo ,and it works so well. It makes words clearer and magnified. Actually i have perfectly functioning eyes, but decided to try the efficiency of the store by ordering these and they are just perfect. It arrived within a week via EMS, it was pretty fast.
As we all know,Mother's day was celebrated this weekend, everyday is my Mother's day anyway.LOL.  Looking forward to seeing her this summer, so i can give her this perfect glasses as a gift.
New customers can get a 15% off code on frames sitewide HERE, so visit the site today, put a smile or your's and your loved one's face by getting one of these beautiful glasses. It is such a perfect gift item.
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