Monday, 15 May 2017


The first time i worked with Zaful was June of 2016 . The 2 items i got from the collaboration ; a hat and a lace prom dress were posted here and here on the 17th and 19th of June respectively .

As you all can tell , i'm still enjoying the hat up till now and of course i sold the white dress 'cos i added weight and it doesn't really fit anymore . 
Zaful has remained one of my favorite online stores since i started working with them . They offer good quality and trendy female clothing, beauty products , shoes , bags , jewelries at affordable prices . All the items i got from them are still in use and those i sold / gave out are still much appreciated by those that have them now . 
It's been amazing working with Zaful . All their workers / marketers are really nice people . They ship to a wide range of countries and they deliver within 2 weeks of shipping .
This year , Zaful created a social media platform called 
Z-ME . This platform brings ladies / fashion lovers together to share their style and beautiful moments . I am a member of Z-me . You can join if you haven't already and follow me on @dimplekhadi
It's Summer time , so let's show off our summer body with the cute , affordable orange bikini sets and the black strappy bikini from Zaful .
Below are some of the items i've gotten from Zaful and the link to each post will be under each picture . You can click on those links to shop the look .

Make sure you visit Zaful to shop your favorite looks of me and also join the Z-me community .
Thanks a lot for stopping by the blog today and do have a nice day .

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