Thursday, 2 March 2017


Welcome back to my blog lovelies . Hope you all had a wonderful week . It's about stylewe again on the blog . I can't stop talking about them 'cos of the quality they offer.
StyleWe is an online store that brings designers all over the world together in order to create a unique style for us . 
There are cute party dresses on stylewe and the floral dress above is one of the perfect party dress for spring . The floral details is captivating . The dress gives full coverage yet stylish . You don't have to be indecent to be sexy is what the dress scream .
Going to a formal gathering , but you don't want to wear suit ? Formal jumpsuits are the perfect substitutes . I like this 2-piece jumpsuit . It's formal + comfy . Would definitely rock something like this to a formal gathering .
Thanks for visiting the blog today . Do check back in a few hours for my next post . Have a nice day .

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