Saturday, 18 March 2017


Hello lovelies . It's been a minute . Welcome back to the blog and happy Sunday . 
It's all about spending less on good clothings guys . Guess what , this boyfriend jean right here cost $54.50 on Asos , but it is currently sold out . I saw @caribbean_cowgirl wearing a diy version of the jean , so i decided to make mine too . By the way , both the jeans and the top are trifted .
I have this velvet material at home , i cut it into rectangular shape and stitched it to my jeans with needle and thread . It was time consuming , could have used glue , but i didn't have enough and it was already late in the night , so i couldn't step out . I guess stitching it on is better though , it should last longer . 
The lip applique on the t-shirt was a diy too . I got the lip pattern on ebay , got a hot glue iron with glue at the $1 shop (5 UAH) . It cost 55 UAH in total . So i glued it to the top . 
It was a fail kinda ,'cos i placed the lip wrongly . The lower part is meant to be up, but who cares .
I'm sure you noticed my backpack from rosegal . Ain't it cool? It is sold out at the moment , but there are several other ones on the site . I love the patches on it and it can be carried in 3 ways; as a backpack , hand bag with the short strap , shoulder bag using the long straps .
Do visit rosegal and enjoy from from ongoing sale .
Thanks for stopping by the blog today . Have a nice week guys

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