Thursday, 23 February 2017


Welcome back to the blog dear readers . Hope you had a wonderful week . Many will be wondering what i meant by ''Good girls do bad things sometimes'' ; well it is written on the Lip dress from . But the saying is true , ain't it? No matter how pious / holy a person is ; peer influence , social media influence , environmental factors push people to do somethings that are not so cool. Some realize their mistakes, and try to go back to whom they used to be , while many don't realize until it is too late and they remain bad forever . Let's choose our friends wisely !
Don't you just love today's shoot; the quality , location , outfits, make up are so captivating . So many passerby stopped by to take a picture of me during the shoot . I felt like a celebrity . LOL
Lip dress  - Rosegal
Sleeveless denim dress - Thrifted , get smilar here or here 
Leggings - Centro , Similar here
Bag - Yoshop
Sandals Rosegal
Wristwatch - Jord woodwatches
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