Sunday, 12 February 2017


Happy new week lovelies . Thanks for the love you've showed so far on the Zaful Valentines day voting page . Don't stop , keep sharing the post . Will leave the details below today's post as well.
Today's look is a day to night look . Actually wore this to school and here it is on the blog. I post video clips from my photoshoot on instagram , so make sure you check it out and follow me @dimplekhadi .
During the day , i like to be comfortable ,so i wear more of flat shoes . I'm this girl that don't sit in one place in school , always playing when the lecturer is not in class , so i love my flats . The black flat shoes from zaful is so comfortable and it can also be worn as a slippers which i showed in the video on my instagram page . Do visit .
A good pair of heels do wonders to a look . They just make you look so sophisticated in the blink of an eye . That was what the wedge shoes from did to this look . The shoes is also available in pink , black and white colors .
To get the 2 shoes , click on the link to go to the store .
Denim trouser : sammydress
Denim jacket + shirt : Thrifted
Have a nice week!!!

Hello lovelies . One of my posts got nominated among the top 5 best looks for Valentines day on Zaful . All you have to do is click on the link HERE 
Click join in (circled with black ink in the picture above ), Sign in / Sign up if you haven't done so before, then comment my number which is number 3 and why you love the look .
The winner at the end of the day will get a $200 Zaful gift card . Ain't that amazing ?  The giveaway ends on the 20th of February , so join now and invite others ; if your friend wins , you can share the price .LOL.......
You can also join the Z-me which is Zaful social media page in the process and drop your email and registration page link here on the blog 
Kindly share this on your social medias , so that many people can see it and join . 

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