Friday, 15 April 2016


Hello dear readers. Welcome back to my blog . Today's post is the collaboration i had with melody jacob , a fellow blogger here in my city . We decided to put some outfits together for 2016 spring. Since it's spring , we made it colorful . It was drizzling throughout the shoot , but the pictures came out nice . 


 1. The casual look: For this , we decided to do something really comfortable , that can be worn on a daily basis ; to school, grocery shopping etc .
I got my trouser last summer in Nigeria . You can get the bag i was carrying here

 2. Work mode : I wore a jumpsuit and Melody wore a romper for this look. We decided to finish the look with a blazer and heel sandals. This can be worn to work (office), school any day.

3. Events . This 3rd look is for events/outing like a birthday party for example , or to church by christians on sunday. 

I hope you love the outfits we put together . Do visit  Melody's blog for some styling tips and ideas . 
Have  a nice day dearies....

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