Thursday, 28 January 2016



   Hello dear readers. How are you all doing , and i hope your week has been wonderful ? It's been cool here , very cold though . Enjoying most of the day in doors.  I sleep alot these days , now i'm scared 'cos i'm getting bigger.. Anyway , when school resumes , i'm sure i will burn everything . 
       I decided to dab today @ my first picture. This dance style has been trending for a while now , i did mine ,'cos i don't want to be left out ... #winks .
         It's all about denim on denim today . This lovely denim overall is from dresslink . I've always wanted to own a pair of denim overall , i told my friend to stalk different stores with me and get me informed if she get this overall in my size / at a cheaper price / on sale .. Lol, i love shopping during sales period. 
        I was so glad when i came across this denim overall on dresslink , it was in my size and very affordable ; less than $20 , shipping fee inclusive . So i decided to pair it with my denim shirt from terannova , deep peach heels from asos , with the lovely woven bag i found accidently in an outlet store when i went shopping for shoes . I just can't window shop ,'cos i end up buying things i didn't plan for..
        The 2nd and a rather casual look was with the plimsoll i got from centro . 
    Do check out today's flashbuy items ($0.01 clothes) on dresslink  here .
    I hope to read your lovely comments below . Do have a nice day everyone...

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