Saturday, 23 January 2016


       Good morning dearies. Happy weekend to you all. Thanks for visiting the blog this morning. I'm all about the African prints today . It's a collaboration with Laarry_b accessories . They make both male and female ankara accessories. 

       Many people , including the whites are now wearing our native attires . Even stars like Beyonce wore ankara ,ain't that really cool?...
        Ankara accessories are very beautiful , ranging from the colors to the different shapes and patterns. Ankara accessories has risen to become a big part in the fashion industry today , because it compliments almost any form of dressing, from ''casual to formal '' .
         Just a touch of ankara is enough to do the magic. It can transform a normal outfit into a stunning one . 

         In the pictures above , i had an ankara hair clip / scarf clip on my scarf . Also, i had alot of brooches on my chest  and many bangles of different shapes and sizes on my wrist. I was also wearing an earring.
       When styling an outfit , 1 brooch is enough to transform a plain outfit to a beautifully designed piece.

              Most ladies shop often , so we have alot of outdated items in our closet. I believe all old items can be ''re-rocked / re-styled'' . Why don't you all bring out those shoes that are out of vogue or the ones that are already peeling or scratched to be re-used . You can get them wrapped in any ankara color, pattern of your choice and believe me no one will know what's under and you will rock it confidently like it's new...

           Attached to my shoes is a "shoe clip" . It can change a plain shoe into a different 1 entirely . You can put it by the side / infront of your shoes like i did in the pictures above . You can use this clip on alot of shoes .. It's a nice staple i think every lady should own . 
        Also above is a bow tie , you can request for a bigger size if that's what you prefer to wear on your shirts. 

           And this is for the guys. You are not left out this time around . Bring out your shoes and get them wrapped . You can also get your bow tie and pocket handkerchief made for special events. 
            Contact : Instagram : @LAARRY_B , Facebook : LARRY B  do contact them for your piece. Also follow and like their page and inform your friends .
     Thanks alot for reading today's post ... Have a nice day everyone .

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