Tuesday, 5 January 2016


        Yayyyy!!! My blog is a year today.  Thanks to my fans , followers , sponsors and well wishers . I mean everyone that made it posssible. It was just like yesterday when a co-blogger melodyjacobs and i had a collaboration on headwrap tutorials, and she told me i have what it takes to be a blogger then went ahead to open one for me . I really appreciate you dear . Do check out her blog , she's really good. 
       I started this blog on the 5th of January last year , i can remember taking my very first blog picture wearing summer clothes on a cold winter morning . My house mate back then took those pictures , then i struggled with the editing , had to watch alot of tutorials  on youtube . Finally i got it done , had the very 1st post on the blog . I kept checking the blog every second to see if the views/ comments /followers had increased , unknowingly i pressed something and the pictures got deleted . LOL. I didn't know what to do , anyway Melody came to my rescue , thought me how to go by it if anything happens next time . Later in the year , i had some issues with picture clearity and blogger modavracha helped me out . Thanks alot dear.
        I was using my housemates camera to snap initially , but finally got my camera in April , the quality of my pictures improved , I do the editing myself up till now ...  I really appreciate my friends ; ''Praise , Kenny , Segun , Samad'' that snap me in the cold winter and hot summer . Don't get tired of me . LOL. 
        Thanks to those that believed in me and never got tired of checking out my blog and shopping on the stores i advertise. Thanks to the stores/companies that believe in my blog and kept sending gift items to me for adverts and those that paid for the adverts. 
         I pray this year will be better . Looking forward to uploading more posts, doing more collaborations with stores/bloggers. 
        Don't get tired of this blog, keep visiting . Inform your friends about it . I would really like to inspire alot of people.
        Details ; Dress- charm collection UA, Shirt ; top shop , Shoes ; top shoes , Leggings ; centro
       The motto will always be : ''You don't have to be naked to look beautiful''
        Have a nice day everyone and God bless....

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