Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Hello beautiful people. Since it's so warm and  feels like summer already, i decided to wear this skirt. It was a little windy, had to hold the skirt down in some of the pictures.

I've been having issues with my blog picture quality. It always get reduced when i post. After telling a few people about it, i got the whole thing rectified. Special thanks to MODAVRACHA and MELODY JACOB for their help. I appreciate you ladies. Do visit their blog,'cos they've got alot of fashion tips to share.

DETAILS1)Skirt:Odgi 2)Sneakers and jacket:
3)Bag:House 4)Necklace:Bornpretty store

I hope you like and can rock this look..
Looking forward to reading your encouraging comments.
Have a nice day y'all.

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