Wednesday, 15 April 2015


 Hello beautiful people. Hope we are having a nice week. Mine has been really cool. I don't have much to read,so happy. The weather here is unpredictable; today it is sunny,tomorrow might be the exact opposite. The weather wasn't that favorable today, so the sky blue color of my trench coat didn't come out well. Hats has been in trend for a while now, decided to get mine too.. Actually , i didn't realise the bow (knot) on the hat was wrongly placed until after the shoot, thank God it wasn't that bad. LOL. 

                                           OUTFIT DETAILS
Trench coat: gift (nameless brand) // Leggings, Bag  and Boot : centro // Hat: ebay

I hope you like today's outfit ladies. Don't forget to leave your comments and links below.
Do enjoy the rest of the week..

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