Sunday, 4 February 2018


REPOST - Good day lovelies . It's almost valentine's day . I really love all the Valentine decorations in shops , restaurants and pubs . One of the most asked questions for this special day is ''Do you have a date and what are you wearing ''. Don’t worry, you can find in this article a guidebook to a trendy Valentine’s day look based on Gamiss 2018 valentine's day promotions which you can find in the following link: . This guide is going to be focused on three different Valentine’s day plans . This was put together for you to find the perfect look for every occasion:

1. Special valentine's day date: 

There’s a theory that wearing some colors, most especially black and red, makes one looks more sexually attractive. Men and women in red or near red are perceived by the opposite sex as having higher status . If you want to have  a romantic date with your partner , I suggest you wear a piece of item that is in or have the color black or red . Those two colors are not just flattering on any skin tone but also symbolize confidence. 

2. Sisters and Valentines: 

Valentine’s day is the perfect day to meet your sister and go to lunch with a two pieces outfit, one for you, Floral Off The Shoulder Top and Mini Skirt : and the for your sister, Floral Print Two Piece Shorts Set :

3. Single special party: 

And to end this guide, a good option is to go out with your friends!!! 
If you’re single or in a relationship that has just started and/or if wearing red or Black on Valentine’s Day is just too much for you, the next best option is wearing pink or any piece of clothing with a touch of pink. Brighter pinks are youthful, fun, and exciting, while vibrant pinks have the same high energy as red; they are sensual and passionate without being too aggressive. Toning down the passion of red with the purity of white results in the softer pinks that are associated with romance and the blush on a young woman's cheeks.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.
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