Thursday, 8 December 2016


 Welcome back to my blog lovelies. Thanks for the love and support so far and i hope you enjoy reading todays post....
I was surfing through the net to get myself a thigh-high boot but they are expensive 'cos they are on high demand this season . I decided to check ebay  and i found it in 3 different colors , so i chose whine-red and it costs $21 . Got it in big size 40, so it can have some space for socks . Unfortunately ,I was disappointed when i received the boot 'cos 1) it came in normal size 40 and was a little tight on me , can't fit with socks. 2) It smell so awful , had to aerate my room when i opened the package 3) It barely reached my knee.
I was so angry and sad at the same time . I felt i wasted my money . This made me think of what to do with the boots ,cos i never sent an item back before and I don't really know the procedure . 
The next day , i thought of how i can make the boots longer , so i watched some youtube videos and finally came up with a plan .
I cut out my whine velvet material to the perfect length i want it to get to, then measured my thigh to get the exact width i had to cut out . Then my friend used a sewing machine to attach the velvet material to the top part of the boots. 
After,  i folded the velvet material at the top and created a hole for shoe lace . The shoe lace didn't hold the boot firm enough when  i had the shoot , i had to re-tighten it  a few times . So i'm going to remove the lace and place an elastic band in it instead to make it firmer .
The long black blazer was thrifted , I got the dress on modnakasta , and the plaid scarf is from Zaful
Let me know what you think about todays look in the comment box . Have a nice day ...

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