Friday, 2 December 2016


TGIF, Happy new month and welcome back to the blog. My blog will be 2 years in a month . If you haven't subscribed to the blog via Email yet , Kindly do so 'cos it's almost time for giveaways and trust me , you don't want to miss out on it ..
Now let's talk about today's look. Yeah , i can do without colors . I went all white and black for this look, i guess i've done that a few times on the blog though.
The bag is from Zaful, Heels and collarless waistcoat are from modnakasta , an online store in Ukraine . You can get a similar coat here . The wristwatch is from the (marc bale ).
I asked in my post with Sarah here if you would like to be carried along in my thrift journey , and some commented yes. So i will start the journey with you today.... .
The dress which i call a priest dress ,'cos of the pattern and color was thrifted . It costs $2 maximum. The thing is if i'm going to thrift , then i do it when they are on mad sales. It doesn't really take me that long to pick a few good items from the thrift store like many others. Many of my friends have been there and came back empty handed , but i never go and come empty handed ,'cos i always get the items i like so far it's cheap ......  To be continued in the next post . Make sure you visit , share , subscribe and inform your friends about the upcoming giveaway

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