Monday, 7 November 2016


 Hi lovely readers. It get dark very early this days and my classes are in the afternoon , so it's always dark by the time i'm going to school.  I've been too lazy to get up early in the morning to take pictures because of the cold , but i decided to dress up , pick my tripod and have a photoshoot yesterday since it was sunday . 
My roommate was busy reading and my other friend had to go to church yesterday morning and i really wanted to have a post on the blog for you ladies , which made me snap myself .
It was very easy to do , All you need is a tripod ,then set your camera timer . I do set mine to take 5 pictures at 10 seconds interval . I change my pose during the interval (10 seconds) between each shot. The very first set of pictures i took by myself is in this post here . I edited the pictures with picmonkey back then.
After every 5 shots, i check the camera to see if there's anything i need to adjust e.g brightness.
You can take as many pictures as possible, so you can get a wide range of selections to choose from.
When you are satisfied with the pictures you've taken , the next thing is editing
I have 3 editing apps ; VSCO , Snapseed , Photoshop .
Photoshop is kinda complex for me , so i hardly use it .
Snapseed is a free google app . It has alot of features that makes it amazing . 1 of my fellow bloggers told me about it and i've been using it everytime since i downloaded it . The app get updated almost every week .  You can easily download it on your phones, tab , ipad and thank me later.
VSCO ; i downloaded this app once , but didn't know how to use it , so i deleted it . A photographer in my city hyped the app , so i decided to download it again , then i watched a few tutorials of youtube and i'm enjoying it now . VSCO is free to download and it came with some free filters . You have to buy the other filters. I bought 2 cheap ones and they costs 10 UAH each.
For todays pictures, i used both snapseed and VSCO to edit , the 2 apps together always increase the picture size so much to around 10-11 mb from 6 mb . So i sent the pictures to photoshop after to reduce the size to almost 4 mb before uploading it on my blog.
I hope this post is detailed enough and hope you will put it to use.
Have a nice week lovelies.

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