Thursday, 10 March 2016


Hello dear readers. Welcome back to my blog. Hope you've had a wonderful week so far ?
 Have you ever tried taking your professional pictures by yourself?  I think that's a good question to ask my fellow bloggers and other photo addicts out there .
I own my own camera ( nikon d5200 with 105mm lens ). I set my camera and my friends take the pictures , then I edit the pictures using pixlr. 
At first , I was using picmonkey which is a free app on google chrome, but it reduces the picture size up to half or more sometimes , so the pictures tend to lose it quality  , but earlier this year , I came across pixlr.  Pixlr is a free app on google chrome for editing . After watching a few videos on YouTube on how to use the app , I became a pro in it myself . I love how my pictures turn out ,'cos I can increase the image  size as much as I want , so I don't get a blur outcome . 
As I said earlier , my friends take my pictures , but they always have to compromise because of their busy schedules too , so I thought , why don't I get a tripod stand and try taking my own pictures when my friends are indisposed. I got the continent CB1 tripod here in Ukraine in silver color . Didn't take my phone along for the shoot , so I couldn't snap the way I set the tripod , but the tripod looks just like the pictures above . 
I got the stand of recent , and put it into use for the first time , and the pictures above are the outcome .
I must confess , I spent like double the time a normal shoot would have taken if a human was behind the camera , but the outcome was really good,  so why bother . Also it was my first time and i'm sure I will get better with time .
I decided to share this with you ,'cos professional photography costs alot , the best thing in my opinion for a blogger is to own her own camera and find a way to make it work . By so doing , less will be spent while acquiring a whole lot . 
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Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today . Have a nice day everyone 

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