Thursday, 29 September 2016


 Welcome back to my blog lovelies. I will be talking about this mini bag from Zaful today . When i saw the bag on the site , i did not check the size before i picked it 'cos it is so cool. It came in this potable size and i was surprised , so i checked the site for the description and it was true to size. Then i was like who cares , this bag is beautiful , the material is PU , the quality is amazing , my fone and documents fits in it and i'm definitely going to rock it . 
I'm happy i got the bag . It will be featured regularly on the blog 'cos it goes well with all colors of clothes.
Zaful offers free shipping on orders over $30 .
Get the leaf bikini on zaful at a cheap price here
It's cold in Ukraine already , so i was wearing the cape from Cndirect and white shirt from marks&spencer, The necklace is from fpjewels .
Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Do check back tomorrow for the last post of the month .

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