Friday, 24 June 2016


 Happy Friday dear readers. I'm back with another cool post. As most people know , it's that time of the year again for Muslims . It is Ramadan ;a period where we fast and pray to God for forgiveness and a whole lot of other things. During this time , everybody wants to be close to God and adjust there lifestyle to achieve this goal. 
Myself and my very good friend (Habeeb) from the same city in Nigeria , infact, he was a class ahead of me in high school , decided to put this 2 outfits together inorder to inspire many people out there . When this idea came up , i was like, why not,'cos alot of Guys have requested something similar over the years. 
Habeeb@ay0_deji ) is a fashionista . He doesn't own a blog , but he uses his Instagram so well to inspire other Men out there, so do follow him .
The first style is the very decent 1 . I was wearing a dress from incity , with heel sandals from amiclubwear , purse from Cndirect and the kimono was a gift from fashion stylist @horlaryde . This outfit can be worn to work , school , mosque ... everywhere.
Habeeb was wearing a native made into a shirt by a fashion stylist in Nigeria, on a white denim.
The 2nd outfit is more of a chic look. It shows that every lady can wear trousers and still be very decent in it . I finished the look with my sleeveless jacket/ kimono and a sneakers from banggood.
@ay0_deji was wearing a white shirt on a blue denim and a jacket .
I hope you find this post inspiring. Looking forward to reading your comments below.

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