Friday, 7 July 2017


Happy Saturday lovelies and welcome back to the blog . I went to the park at the perfect time yesterday . A festival was being held at the park . So many people were there , music was playing and there were so many photographers . Many of them took pictures of me . It was fun .
About today's look ; i was going to have this shoot at the beach but changed my mind at the last minute . I'm glad i did 'cos the pictures look so good . 

I wore the white embroidered kimono on a white sleeveless jewel neck maxi dress . They are both from Zaful ; one of my favorite online store . I've always wanted to get a pompon sandals , I finally got one on Zaful but it's a little loose on me . You should go a size smaller when buying it . 

I got the floral crown from one of the stores at the train station .
I hope you like today's look . Tell me where you would wear this look to in the comment box .To shop my look kindly click on the highlighted links in red below 
1. White Jewel neck maxi dress - Zaful
2. Embroidered Kimono - Zaful
3. Pompon tassel Sandals - Zaful
4. Floral crown - Random store

A special thanks to this beauty @blackdiamond for taking these beautiful pictures . 

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