Thursday, 4 February 2016


Hello lovelies.  Today i'm featuring  Faith of Styled by prisybrisy on my blog . She is a talented fashion blogger based in Russia. We are both from Africa which makes us sisters ; she's Zambian , i'm Nigerian .
        We decided to have this post done , 'cos we've been following each others blog for a while now and we think it will be a really nice idea . 
         The plan was to do something similar, we both agreed on a poncho with black pants and boots . We are both in 2 of the coldest countries in the world which made it quite easy.
         Faith decided to be creative by  making her blanket scarf into a poncho which I think is cool.
          Do visit /follow  her blog : Styled by prisybrisy   and instagram @fai_heart  for some style inspirations , i'm sure she will follow back .
           Kindly leave your comments and links below. 
            KISSES. . . . . . 

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