Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Hello beautiful people. How are you all doing? I guess you guys have noticed my headwrap, that's because I can't go out without covering my hair. So about today's outfit, i decided to wear an orange pant with a matching white and orange stripped deep blue baseball jacket. The long boot is a lifesaver in this cold season ,because it has alot of fur inside and it's very warm . I also added a pair of black gloves and a cream muffler to tone the whole look down. It was so sunny today, so the black shade was a must.
                                         OUTFIT DETAILS
1. Baseball jacket : Lotus (ebay)
2. Pant : Crocker
3. Boot : Centro
4.Gloves : Jack and Jones
5. Headwrap : Pashmina
6. Muffler : Market
7. Earrings : Centro
Thanks for reading. Tell me what you feel about my outfit and don't forget to follow my blog.

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